EFC-ER Ministries

*Camp Gideon- is our EFC-ER summer camp program offering opportunities for all ages. From parent/child camps, family camp, SPLASH camp and Challenge Camp to the more traditional Adventure Camp these programs offer a blend of fun and faith centered activities where each camper is valued, loved and will be challenged to seek a growing, lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ. Located on 188 acres in the beautiful Ohio Valley just outside Carrollton, Camp Gideon has become a first-rate Christian camp, retreat and conference center. Once again, we will be offering special $50 “CAMPships” to anyone wishing to attend one of the sessions running from the first week of June through early August. (Check out the various options, costs and scheduled dates for the camp of your choice located on the bulletin board in the church fellowship room.)

*PRAY FOR MISSIONS!- Throughout the year, we will be highlighting various Evangelical Friends Church mission fields around the world. Together with Friends around the world, we are focusing on the global mission of preaching the Gospel and reaching others with the hope found only in Jesus Christ. Over this next year, we will partner through prayer, special presentations, encouragement and financial commitment to help support the efforts of our EFC-ER/EFM missionaries in over 40 combined countries. This year’s 2013 Great Commission Budget is $1,500,389 and will help meet needs from Malone College to Mexico City. Please be in prayer as to how you might personally be involved in this far reaching ministry to help fulfill the Great Commission. (NOTE: 10% of all church giving goes to support missions throughout the year.)

*Friends Disaster Service- is our Evangelical Friends Church outreach to those devastated by natural disasters and other difficulties that can too often leave us desperate. If you are interested in taking part in an upcoming work/ministry project,please contact Bob Osicka here at church or get in touch with FDS Directors.

*This Month’s Missionary Prayer Focus- is the country of Nepal where the Adhikarys, Vanlals and Retnaraj families serve as our missionaries from EFC-ER. Their ministry centers upon building relationships with the nationals through educational ministries, leadership training and sharing the gospel through both word and deed. We praise the Lord for the open doors of opportunity that have recently been seen in schools in three villages along with four brand new church planters sent out into 3 new areas of southern Nepal. PLEASE PRAY…for John Vanlal as he travels into troubled areas to teach, for further education and training for the Renaraj family, for the Adhikarys and the safety of Friends Churches close to the Nepal border where Muslims and Hindus are coming to the Lord in spite of intense persecution and for the newest mission work in Sri Lanka.. Please keep these and our other EFC-ER missionaries around the world in prayer. (EFC-ER Mission Directories are available in the fellowship room.)