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Born in the heart of God; the Friends Church was established in 1947 as the result of the intercessory prayers of J. Walter Malone, the Cleveland Bible Institute community and the church planting effort of Byron Osborne who formed a congregation in the Village Hall in response to a concern presented by residents and CBI graduate George and Margaret (Langford ‘21) Case that Broadview Heights had no Protestant church presence.  With the help of student pastors from Cleveland Bible Institute providing the initial leadership and preaching support, the church fellowship dedicated a basement in 1953 where Sunday School and Worship services were held until 1957 when the church structure was fully completed.


Through the years, both a parsonage and Christian Education building were erected to house the expanding ministries of the church family and meet the needs of the ever-growing community. For nearly two decades, the Friends Nursery School cared for and shaped a generation of young people who to this day recall their experiences with fondness and faith.  In addition, ministries such as “Challenger Baseball”, City Mission and other community outreach opportunities were either formed by or have benefitted from the ongoing involvement of the Friends Church.


Through eventual trials, a core group of members remained committed to Christ, His Church and their community  by weathering a season of challenge and change through: steadfast prayer, the generous support and encouragement of their sister congregation in Willoughby Hills along with the love and leadership of the Yearly Meeting.   As a result of their faith and God’s faithfulness: help came, healing occurred and hope was restored.


Building upon that “Solid Rock” foundation, today’s church continues to grow and carry out the Great Commission through its obedience to the Great Commandment.  With a love for God and a love for others; weekly worship services, Sunday school, Bible fellowships, community involvement, conferences, VBS, youth group, special events, extensive music ministries and the weekly radio outreach, “In The Name of The Lord” celebrating its 14th year of broadcasting, are all aimed at “exalting Christ, edifying the church and evangelizing the lost.”


Known as “a small church with a big heart” the Broadview Heights Friends still places high priority on its earliest focus of ministering to individuals, meeting community needs and making church more than just a place to meet; but a place from which people are sent!  From its very beginning, the Friends Church was, is and will by the grace of God continue to be  “A GREAT PLACE TO “B” through its unchanging commitment to: BELIEVE in God’s Word, BELONG to God’s Family, BECOME more like Christ, BUILD God’s Kingdom, BRING Others to Jesus and  BOW to God’s purposes and live in His power! With this clear understanding and a broad vision of Christ’s Church reaching far beyond its own four walls and city limits, Friends Church takes great joy in seeing the move of God around the world and in serving Christ; right where they’re at and however He leads…until He comes again! 







Through The Years

Willard Persons          1947

James & Doris Morris  1948

George Mighells         1950-1951

Howard Jacob             1951-1954

A.W. Langley               1954-1958

Paul Ryser                   1958-1962

Hiram Bridenstine      1962-1968

John O. Grafton           1968-1980

David Anderle             1980-1982

Norman Anderson       1982-1987

Ted Barnes                  1987-1989

Greg Bierbaum           1989-1996

Chad DeWeerd           1997-Present

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